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All song reviews are by John Rogers (JR Mastering) and are based on commercial industry standards, which is also what JR Mastering patterns their mixes and masters after.  If you would like your song reviewed, submit it below.  Note –  You have the option to get your review via email, or have it appear on the website for free exposure (if selected).  This service is only for recording artists.

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Mixing and Mastering Review

The mix and master are both pretty good. The bass is nice, overall clarity is pretty good, and the song doesn’t break up when played loud. There aren’t any major errors for me to point out here. Nice job!

John Rogers, JR Mastering

After listening to this song, I personally really like the thickness and the smoothness of the bass.  The issue I have is when comparing this song to similar pop songs like (Backstreet, Lady Gaga, Britney, etc.) it lacks space in the upper-mids, basically because the synth bass is running into that area.  Note – If you’re listening on a phone, ipad, or 4″ studio monitors, you won’t be able to hear the synth bass at all!  But it’s there….

My first thought was to just make the vocals louder, since I do like the synth bass.  This helps them cut through better, bringing them more up front.  But this does not address the the overall upper-mids space issue.

My conclusion, either lower the synth bass -2dbs or low pass filter it around 750hz.  Just keep sliding the low pass EQ to the left until adequate upper-mids space is created.

The background intrumentation is fine volume-wise.  But I would brighten them up a bit, maybe +2dbs around 5-7k.  That’s it!

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