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Free Audio Mastering Demo

Get a free audio mastering demo and review of your song.  And if there are any major errors in the mix, I will let you know exactly how to fix them.

Most artists don’t know if their music is ready for Itunes, Spotify, Record Labels Submissions, etc.  Is it mixed and mastered well enough? I definitely had no clue when I first started out.

Or maybe you’re an artist only focused on recording and creating songs, leaving the mixing and/or mastering to a professional. Basically, you record great songs, the audio engineer is “supposed to” make them sound great.

Either way, I would like to offer you a 100% FREE audio mastering demo of one of your songs, so you can see how good it can sound when mastered by a professional. I have a proven track record of delivering great results!

Let me help you with your music, like I have for so many artists just like you. Have a great week!


Half of the free demos I master and send out are never even downloaded.  Which is a waste of time for both of us.  After 5 biz days please check your spam folder.


If you want me to try and remaster a song already mastered, and you can’t upload unmastered files,  I will see what I can do to improve it.

If your files are unmastered.  They should look close to this.  I can bring this up to industry standard. 



Not like THIS.  Over-level and distorted.  It’s easier to add effects to a mix in mastering, bringing it to industry standard, than it is to try and cut brightness and distortion.  Sometimes it can’t be done.



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Your audio master will be emailed to you within 3 business days.

Please allow a couple of minutes for your song to upload.  You will be notified when finished.  Thanks!